We have lots of awards for you to win. Remember all the adults are on the look out for who to give these awards to. And it doesn’t just have to be your class teacher or the adults in the class that decide you are the winner. The awards you can win are:

Golden Person

This award is given at the end of every week by your class teacher. They are always looking for children who do some excellent learning, behave well in school or do something amazing. Remember think about what you are going to do to be golden.

Determined Dalmation

This award is presented to anyone who the teachers think have kept trying hard with their learning even if it has been challenging. When we learn sometimes we find things hard but if we keep trying at something we will learn a lot about how we get through challenges.

Corridor Caterpillar

This award is given to any class that can move quietly and sensibly around the school. All the adults are looking for other classes to nominate for the award when they see good corridor behaviour. When walking around school think about how you should be moving around the school and help your class win the award. At the end of the year we are going to see which class wins the most corridor caterpillar awards.


Attendance is really important to help with your learning. So to celebrate classes who have a group attendance of 95% or higher we present a certificate in assembly. We also keep track of how many certificates each class has won.