Our maths curriculum has been designed to be accessible to all, maximising every child’s academic progress and achievement. Through the careful use of manipulatives and visual representations alongside active, engaging lessons, children are supported through the stages of concrete, pictorial and abstract learning.

By working with our local maths project partners and using the latest educational research, we provide regular training to all the members of staff within our school. We plan maths lessons that prepare our pupils for the next stage in their education and life in the outside world. Core maths skills such as counting, understanding place value, times tables and calculation are prioritized at Kings Oak with daily opportunities for consolidation through Active Number.

Once pupils have developed good fluency within their basic maths concepts, they are given the opportunities to apply their learning through challenging problem solving and reasoning contexts. Our pupils are expected to leave Kings Oak with a keen love of numbers, and a real sense of enjoyment of this vital subject.


Whilst your child is a pupil at King’s Oak Academy they will engage in learning opportunities with the aim to make maths fun, purposeful and interesting; for our children to be confident mathematicians who are independent, inquisitive and willing to experiment without fear of failure. Through our engaging curriculum your child will have the opportunity to develop  a robust understanding of maths, providing them with the skills of calculation, reasoning and problem solving that they need to succeed in this phase and the following phases of education and in every day life experiences. 

At King’s Oak Academy there will be range of opportunities, so the children make the connections in learning, develop and use new and embedded mathematical vocabulary to discuss their learning and develop their thinking skills.


Mathematics is a core subject which is taught in every class. We provide children with the opportunity to access a range of different representations during  their mathematics lessons. Children are given time to explore and investigate new methods taught and discovered within the class. We encourage children to talk about their learning to help them use their mathematical vocabulary and develop their mathematical thinking skills. During the course of the mathematics lessons, all children either work in small groups or individually, giving them the chance to learn collaboratively and independently. We follow the “White Rose” mathematics curriculum and engage with training and activities via local Maths’ Hubs.

EYFS are following the  guidance in the Early Years Foundation Stage Profie for developing the foundations of their mathematical skills. They will be adopting the guidance for 2021 in September 2021. Details are within the class pages and the curriculum page for EYFS. 

The links below give an insight into some of  the learning opportuniites your child will be exposed to whilst in the EYFS and that you can adopt and adapt for home.


Key Stage 1

Key stage 1 (years 1 and 2) are currently following the new National Curriculum. The new curriculum has a focus on three main aims, these being:

  • Fluency – this is where children are able to use previously learned knowledge and apply it to new mathematical problems.
  • Reasoning – this is where children are able to conjecture (talk) about relationships seen in mathematics, they are then able to develop an argument or justification about their learning using mathematical language.
  • Problem solving – this is where children are able to apply all the skills that they have learnt in their mathematics lessons to problems to seek a solution.

All classes engage in a daily Maths Meetings where the children revisit previously taught concepts and learn new skills in a fun and engaging manner.

Our school’s  mathematics progression of skills document can be be provided on request from your child’s teacher.