Educational Visits

King’s Oak Academy has a strong commitment to the added value of learning outside the classroom and beyond the school premises by the use of carefully planned Educational visits.

Each year the school will arrange a number of activities that take place off the school site and/or out of school hours, which support the aim and values of the school.

We aim to provide a broad and balanced range of learning opportunities outside the classroom.

When their child joins the school parents will be invited to give written permission using a standard form which will allow their child to engage in learning opportunities that take place off the school site during school hours. Additional written consent will be requested for activities that need a higher level of risk assessment or those that take place out of school hours.

Children are expected to wear school uniform for all educational visits unless stated differently on the visit letter. Suitable clothing for the day will be required. NO FOOD WILL BE ALLOWED FROM HOME unless it is requested clearly on the visit letter.