PE is crucial to all children’s learning and development. Learning to move our bodies in different ways encourages the brain to make links and create new neural pathways that enable us to be more imaginative and better problem solvers in adulthood. Here at King’s Oak we believe that PE should be enjoyable and accessible to all. 

All pupils at King’s Oak Academy participate in high quality P.E sessions, KS1, twice a week, EYFS once a week as well as gross and fine motor skills being developed throughout the day.  All children learn skills within the areas of gymnastics, dance and games.

We incorporate a variety of exciting learning opportunities into our P.E sessions and there has been the opportunity to learn  traditional dancing (mayploe), Chinese ribbon dancing, using the apparatus, tri golf, basket ball, Multi-skills and more. This ensures our pupils’ physical learning is enjoyable and stimulating. In addition we teach children about healthy life choices and we aim to run family workshops to encourage adult and child participation.

Our P.E kit consists of black shorts, a green t-shirt (which can be purchased from the school uniform supplier) and plimsolls. In warmer weather ,at the start of the academic year and in the Summer terms, children will have some of their lessons outside unless the weather prevents it. Please ensure your child has trainers, tracksuit bottoms and a suitable top available to wear when required.

CLICK HERE for a photograph of the PE KIT:
We have been working with Kixx who provide a range of after school clubs including tennis, dance and football. These have been very popular with the children. Look out for the letter each half term to ensure your child gets a place! 

We participate in a range of out of school events with other local, county and UET schools. This further develops their team building skills.


Forest Schools

Janet Lavender    We are very excited to be working with the fantastic Janet Lavender of Lavender Forest Schools. Nana Lavender spent the Autumn term working with our lovely Year 2s, she is currently working with the Year 1s until Easter, and will then spend summer term getting to know our EYFS children. These sessions are invaluable to our children and provide them with a wealth of outdoor learning experiences. 

The children have really enjoyed these sessions; getting to explore the wonderful outdoor spaces on site, learning about fire safety and accessing a variety of activities from bug hunting and potion making to swinging in hammocks and beginning to use tools in a safely supervised and respectful way.

When it is your child’s turn to participate in Forest Schools they will need to attend school in suitable clothes on that day – tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt, and a jumper. They will wear their school shoes to school, and bring wellies or other suitable shoes in a bag to change into. 

If you have any questions about PE please contact the school directly via the office email.


Miss Stratton

PE Lead