Internet Safety

net aware

think you know

ceop police


Children at King’s Oak Academy use many different devices to access the internet, including; netbooks, computers and ipads. Staying safe when on the internet is important and means closing down pages when they are not appropriate, only going on website when you know what they are, sharing with a trusted adult what you would like to google and thinking before you click on a link.

E-safety is a natural part of everday life at King’s Oak Academy. Children use webistes and applications such as ‘Bug Club’ and ‘seesaw’ so are regularly reminded about the importance of logging off. There are also regular reminders of what to do if we see content which is not appropriate. We enjoy an annual E-Safety day to think more deeply about the dangers of being online.

“Kim and Lee taught us what it is like on the internet and that when people are rude to us or we see something we don’t like we should tell an adult just like you would in the real world.”

Please watch the video, this reminds children of how to enjoy the internet safely. There are ideas of what you could do with your children and how to talk to them about internet safety.