Religious Education

R.E is compulsory and is taught across King’s Oak Academy. In school, we teach RE using Discovery RE, which covers the Early Years and Key Stage 1 curriculum. It adopts an enquiry-based approach to teaching and learning. Christianity is taught in every year group, with Christmas and Easter given new treatment in each year group, developing the learning in a progressive way. Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism are also covered.

The planning model used in Discovery RE is aligned to that recommended in most agreed syllabi, i.e. a 6-part planning process focusing on a 4-step enquiry. Each enquiry demands the equivalent of 6 lessons, but teaching time could be blocked over perhaps 3 half days to enhance learning. Each enquiry has a learning objective which shows the learning over the enquiry and SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) development opportunities are mapped throughout.

The children enjoy learning stories from different cultures and religions and as a whole school we promote diversity. We often have visits to local churches and weekly whole school assemblies based on RE. We also have assemblies led by GenR8 and BJ Puppets.

We are delighted that Discovery RE fulfils the requirements of both the approach and content set out in the National Framework 2013, and that it contributes very significantly to addressing the weaknesses outlined in the Ofsted report’s key findings, not least providing a straightforward and comprehensive assessment process.

Every parent has the right to withdraw their child from R.E lessons if they so wish.